Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI)?
  • How will CHPI help a consumer make better healthcare decisions?
  • What types of healthcare performance will CHPI measure and report?
  • What is CHPI’s operational status?
  • Who funds CHPI?
  • What services and deliverables will CHPI provide?
  • What is the CHPI governance structure?
  • How will the organizations and people whose performance is evaluated—physicians, medical groups, practices, and hospitals—participate in CHPI?
  • What does the CMS designation of CHPI as a Qualified Entity mean?
  • When will provider quality ratings be reported to the public?
  • What is the data source for this performance measurement work?
  • Is the new California Claims Data Disclosure law (SB1196) relevant to CHPI?
  • How does this work differ from other California collaboratives like the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) and the California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Taskforce (CHART)?
  • Will participation by health plans be limited to the three health plans that helped establish CHPI—Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and UnitedHealthcare?
  • What types of healthcare performance does the Patient Assessment Survey measure and report?
  • Why are there ratings of medical groups on the Patient Assessment Survey but none on individual physicians?
  • What is a medical group? How does it differ from an independent practice association?
  • Why aren't all California medical groups represented in the Patient Assessment Survey?